770hp Ford F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport for sale


Ford has never sold the F-150 in Britain. And why should it? It’s massive, thirsty, and the main reason why it’s so popular across the pond is that America-built pickups are vastly cheaper than their imported equivalents. Couple that with the fact that small business owners can write off up to 100 per cent of the tax on a new pickup, and itโ€™s little wonder why pickups are consistently the best-selling vehicles in the US โ€“ with Fordโ€™s F Series at the top of the pile.

To us Brits, cars like the F-150 might seem vulgar and excessive. But, letโ€™s be honest, if we could buy them, some of us probably would. Not that weโ€™d have much use for one, given that theyโ€™re wide enough to occupy two lanes, and the fuel bills would induce bankruptcy. Yet, thereโ€™s something freeing about owning a vehicle that can haul logs and your family at the same time. Itโ€™s their versatility โ€“ along with a hefty dose of blue-collar patriotism โ€“ thatโ€™s made the F-150 a staple of American culture. Hell, Ford even discovered that around 15 per cent of its truck owners had tattoos relating to the gargantuan F Series. Imagine if Brits did the same with, I dunno, a Rover 75.

As itโ€™s Fordโ€™s best-seller in the US, it was of course going to be subjected to a host of performance models. The most extreme of which is the car we have here, the F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport. A bit of a mouthful of a name, so you know itโ€™s packing a punch. Try 770hp from a supercharged 5.0-litre V8, which is good for a 0-60mph time of 3.45 seconds. Thatโ€™s frankly astonishing for a car weighing about the same as a medium-sized moon, and it’s even enough to outpace the all-electric F-150 Lightning by a second. Just think of all the heavy stuff you could haul with that sort of performance.

Donโ€™t go thinking the Super Snake Sport is all grunt, though. Shelbyโ€™s gone to the extent of fitting the fast Ford with adjustable dampers, uprated control arms and a beefier anti-roll bar at the rear. Heavy-duty six-piston brake callipers help bring the Super Snake Sport to a stop, with the ad claiming that itโ€™ll go from zero to 100mph and back to a standstill in just 8.3 seconds. Take it out on a track โ€“ not out of the question for those mad enough to buy an F-150 in the UK โ€“ and youโ€™ll benefit from functional aero revisions courtesy of a new front bumper and side skirts. Whether theyโ€™ll be noticeable at high speed is anyoneโ€™s guess, but thereโ€™s only one way to find out.

This version is based on the single cab F-150 pickup, with seating for three. If the exterior design wasnโ€™t shouty enough, the cabin gets sports seats with red stitching and the Super Snake Sport name embossed below the headrests. Thereโ€™s a carbon fibre finish on bits of the dashboard, too. Itโ€™s difficult to tell whether itโ€™s real, not that it would make any difference.

A track-honed pickup truck just doesnโ€™t make any sense, which only makes us want it more. Ford produced just 250 examples, so itโ€™s highly unlikely youโ€™ll see another one of these on the PH Classifieds any time soon. They werenโ€™t cheap in the US when new, either, and youโ€™ll need ยฃ132,000 to get behind the wheel of this one right here. But itโ€™s brand new, with only 101 miles on the clock, and thereโ€™s no need to faff about with any extra import costs. Itโ€™s ready to drive away today. If you’re man enough.ย 

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