Volkswagen CARIAD uses Luxoft for future in-car automotive software solutions


Agreement to change vehicle mobility

STUTTGARTGermany, May 25, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Luxoftcompany DXC technology (NYSE: DXC) is partnering with CARIAD, Volkswagen Group’s automotive software company, to provide automotive software development, testing and integration services.

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Luxoft supports CARIAD in its strategic goal of creating a uniform and risky software system for all Volkswagen Group brands, including the Volkswagen Group’s in-car software platform VW.os.

“Luxoft is reliable and forward-thinking in its testing and integration services, which allows us to accelerate the development of our software platform and its components, as well as advanced performance and usability,” it said. Dirk HilgenbergCARIAD CEO.

CARIAD operates an integrated and expandable software platform for all Volkswagen Group passenger brands, including the VW.os, Vehicle Group Vehicle platform (VW.AC) and services of Big Data. The goal is to support the creation of data-driven and innovative business structures across all Volkswagen brands. For the driver, this provides several benefits, including all weather connection, high residual values ​​and low maintenance time.

“We are proud to work with CARIAD to improve the driving experience of Volkswagen customers worldwide. Luxoft and DXC have extensive experience in providing integrated drive, automotive, software testing and integration solutions for the automotive industry,” he said. Luz G. Mauch, Luxoft Executive Vice President. “Our main goal is to enable car manufacturers to constantly change their in-car technology and to discover driving experience.»

Luxoft and CARIAD will work closely to strengthen current and future automotive software. As part of this agreement, Luxoft will train thousands of software engineers within CARIAD. This innovative and collaborative approach will not only bring about faster market solutions and better industry delivery and consumer friendliness, but also provide a superior experience for automotive customers in all Volkswagen brands.

About Luxoft

Luxoft is supported by design, data and development DXC technology, providing end-to-end technology solutions for key systems, products and services. We help create data-driven organizations, by solving complex operational, technological and strategic challenges. Our ambition is to build a sustainable business, while developing new business models and revenue flows, unique user experience and modern operation on a large scale. To find out more, visit the website


CARIAD is a automotive software and technology company that brings together the capabilities of Volkswagen Group programs and expands them further, building on the legacy of bringing automotive innovations to everyone. Founded in 2020, more than 5,000 developers, engineers and designers from around the world are sharing their knowledge at CARIAD not only transforming the Group into a software-driven automotive company, but also transforming the car into a fully integrated automotive driving experience. in our digital life. To find out more, see

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