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Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX Small Angle Grinder

Sometimes you get a new tool thinking “this is cool but I don’t really NEED it” That is what I expected out of the Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX 4-1/2 in Small Angle Grinder. Now this battery powered grinder has become one of those things I wish I had years ago.

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Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX Small Angle Grinder

This Dewalt Grinder set was the bare tool. Luckily I have a few tools on the Dewalt 20v platform. Already I am a fan because I don’t have to break out the extension cord. On first grab of the tool, it feels well balanced and comfortable in my hand, including good grip size. It also comes with a detachable handle if you need a little more support.

Like all grinders have, or should have, the Dewalt 4-1/2 in Small Angle Grinder has fully adjustable guard. The best part of the guard is adjustable with one hand. Also you don’t have to fiddle around with that clamp like some models have. Just be sure to let the tool stop before moving the guard.

Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX Small Angle Grinder

For more in the safety department, the grinder has a built in brake to stop the tool fast. There are also more passive systems like E-Clutch and KickBack Brake. E-Clutch will shut the tool down if the wheel gets pinched. There is also a two stage trigger to prevent accidental action of the tool. Overall that is a great feature, but if you are trying for lower RPM, it can get a little finicky. To be fair, technically the speed is not variable.

Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX Small Angle Grinder

I ended up using this grinder way more than I expected. Not only to put the final touches on the MK3 core support I had to trim down for the charger cooler, but I also used it to trim down the oil filter housing to fit around the AC compressor fitting. I also had to trim down the pinion brace on the inside of the transmission. I used the tool as much holding it in my hand, as standing on its battery. That type of flexibility is fantastic.

Pros of the Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX 4-1/2 in Small Angle Grinder

  • Good balance and removable
  • Lots of safety features built in
  • Good selection of battery options
  • Way more flexible than corded models
  • Almost limitless wheel options

Cons of the Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX 4-1/2 in Small Angle Grinder:

  • Trigger not technically variable (it does work a little)
  • If you are not on the Dewalt battery platform, you will need to be
  • More expensive than a corded model

Overall I really like this grinder. For an automotive technician a grinder is not a tool you use every day. But when you need it, you really need it. If you are also running other tools on the Dewalt battery platform, this is a great addition to the tool box.

Dewalt 20-VOLT MAX Small Angle Grinder

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