Completely customize the look and feel of your dream car, then watch it come to life


(Good Things Utah) In many ways, our vehicles can be like extensions of our personalities. Anyone who’s purchased a new car knows how great it feels to find one matching their look and style perfectly. In today’s market, many car dealers struggle to offer this experience, as inventory is considerably low and selection is very limited.

The best way to get that perfect match is to customize. For buying, building, and customizing your car from the ground up, Ken Garff Automotive Group has you covered. With the full variety of choices, you get the chance to select the engine, transmission, tires, and wheels. Afterward, pick the interior design of the car including the seats, roof, and even the carpeting. Another option is to find the entertainment system that sounds best with your favorite soundtrack, giving you the most out of your new car.

To a car enthusiast, customizing can be a highly memorable experience, as they get to see their digitally-crafted vehicle come to life. The options are endless when buying from Ken Garff Automotive.

For more information about customizing, visit them online at or find a trusted dealer near you.

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