What Classic Car Design Feature Do You Want to See Come Back?


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For the most part, car design is an evolutionary process. Every year, little tweaks and changes come to just about every car. Design trends come and go like middle school crushes. The cars of today look almost nothing like the cars of 20 years ago (unless it’s a Chevy Express van). That means they share nearly nothing with vehicles made 50 or 60 years ago — for better or for worse.

There was a time when all cars were swooping barges with some sort of fin on the back, covered in chrome and repressed sexuality. We then overcorrected to the snarling mouths of muscle cars to prove we were manly men. From there we entered a second barge era, but one with far less flair – we were giving up. But then, we found our footing again with the melty soap era of the 90s, weirdness of the mid-2000s and cookie-cutter formula of the 2010s and early 2020s.

All of these eras had very distinct styling cues. You probably want to see a return of at least one of them, and we want to know what it is. That’s today’s question: what styling cue should come back on modern cars?

Classic doesn’t necessarily mean 1950s or 60s. It could mean something from the early 2010s. Do you miss GM’s amber halogen running lights? Go with God and tell us in the comments. What about fins on 1950s land yachts? Everyone loves fins. Tell us about it. Pop-up headlights are the cat’s fuckin’ meow.

For me though, I’m probably gonna go with spinners. I know they were never technically offered by any OEM, but they remind me of a childhood of playing Midnight Club and watching Are We There Yet? Yes they are tacky and awful, but goddammit I want to see them on cars again because they’re also fun and goofy. We need more fun and goofy.

My answer clearly shows there are no wrong opinions here. Let us know down below, my friends.


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