Want A Car That’ll Last You 300,000 Miles? These 10 Are Your Best Bet

Having a car that’s unreliable can really ruin an ownership experience, even if other aspects of the car are great. Frequent trips to the mechanic are no fun for anyone, even less so if the driver relies on the car for long distances. Also, it means that the car will quickly reach a point where it’s uneconomical to repair, often meaning a one-way trip to the junk yard. For drivers that cover tens of thousands of miles a year, these issues are even more important to avoid.

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Thankfully, buying a car that will last several hundred thousand miles is now easier than ever, thanks to the wealth of reliability surveys and sales trackers available to buyers. Institutions like JD Power and ISeeCars provide a trove of data, giving a clear picture of exactly how long a car is likely to last. Using these sources and others, let’s take a look at ten of the most likely cars to reach the milestone of three hundred thousand miles.

10 Chevrolet Suburban

Liam Neeson drives a Chevrolet Suburban
Via Car and Driver

The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the longest-running nameplates ever, being in production since 1934. It’s one of the most common vehicles across the US, popular with everyone from mothers to modders. That’s no doubt partly due to its consistent reliability.

Via Chevrolet

Sales analytics website ISeeCars ranks the Suburban as one of the most dependable vehicles on the market, with 0.2% of vehicles sold in 2019 having covered over 300,000 miles. With reliability like that, it’s likely that a Suburban can last well over that mileage figure if it’s maintained fastidiously.

9 Honda Accord

Honda Accord 2003 Blue
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Honda’s Accord sedan has built up a bulletproof reputation over the decades it’s been on sale. Many posters across owners’ forums tell tales of how they passed their cars onto their children and sometimes grandchildren too.

Honda Accord
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The model has always retained its status as a no-nonsense, easy maintenance people mover, and sales have stayed strong as a result. There’s even been multiple well-published instances of Accords reaching the million-mile mark.

8 Genesis G70

Via Genesis

Genesis are a relatively upstart brand, having been on the market for just a few years. Still, their G70 sedan managed to top the JD Power 2020 reliability survey. Owners reported just 89 problems per hundred cars in comparison the the industry average of 134 per 100.

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Genesis’ long-term dependability hasn’t been verified as they haven’t been selling cars for long enough for any examples to reach ultra-high mileage yet. Even so, with an industry-leading survey stating that it’s the most reliable car on the market, it’s as solid choice as any for buying new.

7 Ford F-350

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The F-350 pickup has been ranked as one of the most reliable pickups on the market thanks to its ability to endure years of abuse without faltering. It’s worth buying a diesel powertrain to maximize mileage, as owners report a significantly longer lifespan than gasoline-powered models.

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With a payload of up to 7,640lb, it’s also best-in-class for it’s hauling capacity. It’s the perfect truck for those who need to take heavy things long distances without worrying about whether their truck will make it.

6 Mazda MX-5/Miata

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Doing ultra-high mileage in a sports car might seem strange, but in fact the Mazda MX-5/Miata is consistently recognized as one of the most dependable options out there. It’s surprisingly common to find examples on the used market with 200,000 on the odometer.

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It’s even been ranked as one of the most reliable Japanese cars ever made, thanks to its consistency throughout generations. It’s undoubtedly the best convertible 300,000 miler, and probably one of the most fun to drive too.

5 Toyota Avalon

Via Car and Driver

Toyota’s Avalon isn’t the most exciting of cars, even with the new TRD package added. Nevertheless, it’s a reliable workhorse, with ISeeCars reporting that 2.6% of 2019 examples sold had seen over 200,000 miles.

Toyota Avalon
Via Toyota USA

That means with careful maintenance, the Avalon will comfortably do well over that mileage, perhaps even a couple of hundred thousand more. It’s a great option for those who are buying new, although the questionable grille design might put some buyers off.

4 GMC Yukon XL

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A close relation to the Chevrolet Suburban, the GMC Yukon XL is just as reliable than the Chevy. ISeeCars reports that 0.2% of Yukon XLs sold in 2019 sported over 300k, with a smaller minority claiming significantly over that number.

GMC Yukon XL
Via SUV Drive

The Yukon XL can be configured with up to 9 seats, so it’s the best option for those with large families to ferry about. Examples are also plentiful on the used market, so buyers without the budget for a new car should still be able to find a good deal.

3 Lexus GX

Lexus GX
Via Motor Authority

Countless surveys across the world have rated Lexus as the most reliable brand about, so it’s no surprise that the GX is capable of such high mileage. At a starting MSRP of $53,100, it’s about average price for a midsize luxury SUV, but it offers reliability few rivals can match.

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Lexus GX
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The car can also easily be upgraded for off-road adventures, with overland-spec examples often seen on social media. For snow, dirt or any other rough terrain, it’s by far the best luxury car for ultra-high mileage.

2 Volvo P1800

Volvo 1800S
Via Autorepublika

The Volvo P1800 shown here is actually the most high-mileage car in the world, having driven 3,200,000 miles. No, that isn’t a typo, this car really has over three million miles on the odometer. The owner, Irv Gordon, bought the car in 1966 and just didn’t stop using it.

Volvo 1800S
Via Mz-Web DE

He sadly passed away in early 2020 but the car lives on, still owned by his family. It’s now on display in a Volvo museum, as a testament to the brand’s reliability. Although it might be a bit difficult to buy a P1800 today, most modern Volvos still retain a first-class build quality that will last several hundred thousand miles with proper maintenance.

1 Toyota Land Cruiser

The front of a modified 100 Land Cruiser
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The undisputed king of the high-mileage cars, the Toyota Land Cruiser is ubiquitous globally for being able to keep going forever. Examples with over 300,000 miles aren’t even unusual, with ISeeCars reporting that 1.5% of US examples sold with over that number traveled.

Via Toyota Newsroom

Their solid build combined with their go-anywhere capabilities make them the vehicle of choice for everyone from farmers to military units. They’re not the most luxurious of vehicles, with the Lexus GX filling that role in the Toyota stable. But, for all-out distance covered, they’re unmatched.

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