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We don’t recommend you buy these cars…

If you ever watch Hoovies Garage, you know the host Tyler Hoover calls it “the dumbest automotive channel on YouTube” and you might agree with this assessment. The guy has a weakness in the form of finding the cheapest example of some exotic or luxury vehicle for sale in America, buying it, then finding out later that – shocker – it’s loaded with all kinds of expensive problems. And now the man wants to sell two of his problem children, which you could totally buy.

You might think with this odd habit of buying stinker cars Hoover would be a mechanic of some sort, but he’s not. Rarely do you see the guy turn a wrench. Instead, he outsources the work on his vehicles to a mechanic lovingly called The Car Wizard for reasons you can probably come up with yourself.

a man standing in front of a car: image credit: YouTube

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image credit: YouTube

Even though The Wizard can supposedly work miracles on cars, the guy seemed pretty pumped to hear about Hoover selling some cars. He probably has nightmares about these vehicles and wakes up in a cold sweat screaming. And he has good reason to hate them, since both vehicles mechanically totaled themselves. Yes, they’re problem children.

Anyone considering buying these cars from Hoover better know what they’re doing or have a plan to do a powertrain swap or something else brilliant. Too often, people buy what would otherwise be financially out of reach so they can look cool and feel what it’s like to be rich. That strategy backfires as the cost of maintenance and repairs on the vehicle makes them poor in no time. As they say, some cars you can buy long before you can afford.

They also say the most expensive car you can buy is a cheap German, and one of the cars Hoover is selling is German. In other words, you might want to think twice before taking the plunge. Anyway, the details are in the video, so enjoy.

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