Questions about what to do while driving in the snow? A York mechanic provides insight

Damian Deller, a mechanic of Fink’s Garage, has you covered with the less than obvious tips.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — With the Nor’easter freezing ice on the roadway, we all may need a little refresher on safety tips while driving in the snow.

Damian Deller, a mechanic at Fink’s Garage, has you covered with the less than obvious tips. 

Deller says the most important tip is having common sense.

“And that’s something I think that something people are forgetting,” said Deller with a smile.

This includes cleaning your windows to see, driving slow and steady and having good tires, according to Deller.

He says if you hear your anti-lock brake working, this is nothing to fear. You aren’t losing control of your car.

“The computer’s taking over and doing the breaking for you. You have to keep your foot on the pedal,” said Deller. “Anti-lock breaks will stop you truly, it’ll keep you going in a proper direction.”

Deller says if your cars stuck in the snow, dig around the wheels so your car comes out easily.

If you dig around in other areas, Deller says you run the risk of damaging your car’s clutch or transmission. 

“Do your car a favor and it will do you a favor by not coming apart,” Deller said. 

PennDOT and PEMA say those with any non-essential travel should stay home. For other questions about road and traffic conditions, you can visit,