Simple DIY Install Can Make Your Car Impossible to Steal


Who doesn’t love a simple DIY car modification? It’s made even better in this case because the result is the potential to save your car from a criminal. Adding a killswitch is a simple project that even someone with virtually no mechanical experience can tackle. Best of all, it’s extremely inexpensive.

Shutting down a key ingredient for your engine makes it impossible to drive

Chrisfix demonstrates a basic killswtich wiring layout to prevent criminals from stealing your car

Basic killswitch wiring | Chrisfix, Youtube

A gasoline engine needs three things to run: fuel, air, and spark. So, shutting down one of these three elements will prevent your car from running. This is possible by way of a killswitch in line with either your fuel or ignition components. While it is possible to cut off a distributor or ignition coils with a killswitch, the simplest way to install one is on your car’s fuel system—specifically, the wiring to the fuel pump.


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