Huge Deadly Snake Found Curled Up Inside Car’s Fuel Tank, Rescue Video Goes Viral

A man in Sydney spotted a deadly snake in an unusual place last week. The reptile was chilling inside the fuel tank of his car.

The man left a local pub in Revesby on Jan. 27 and as he approached the car he found the snake under it. Police and staff from the WILD Conservation, a wildlife organization, arrived at the scene and spent nearly three hours trying to lure the snake out from under the vehicle. A mobile mechanic also arrived at the scene and helped jack up the car and unbolt the fuel tank to help the rescuers.

Snake catcher Kane Durrant attempted to get the reptile out with a hooked metal rod. 

“I’ve just got to manipulate him out, he’ll be alright,” he said in a video posted online. The video showed Durrant making efforts to get the reptile out as people watched.

Durrant then grabbed the snake with both hands and pulled it out, warning bystanders to stay clear of the car. Durrant said there is a possibility the snake could “lash out now that it’s been grabbed.”

The video went viral and several users said they were frightened by the sight of the snake. The snake was later identified as a red-bellied black snake, according to Yahoo News.

“That’s some scary s—, well done,” one user wrote. Many other viewers praised the snake catcher for his efforts. 

“Wow such great persistence, I bet you called that snake a few names,” one person wrote. “Well done! A cold beer from the pub would be appropriate,” another said.

In another recent incident, a woman in Australia found a venomous snake coiled up inside her nightgown. Cheryl Gilchrist was getting ready for bed when she put her hand into her pajama drawer and felt the red-bellied black snake.

“It didn’t feel quite right so I’ve looked and touched it again and I thought ‘oh my god, that’s a snake,” she told 7News at the time, adding that she was lucky not to be bitten by the reptile. After seeing the snake, the woman called snake catcher Tom Dunning, who relocated the snake to nearby bushland. 

Red Bellied Black Snake A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue. Photo: GETTY IMAGES