Ford Otosan, a first in Turkey in the Automotive Industry More

Ford Otosan, a first in the automotive industry than turkey
Ford Otosan, a first in the automotive industry than turkey

Ford Otosan, the pioneer power of the Turkish automotive industry and the leader of women’s employment, is included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, which evaluates the performance of 11 global companies operating in 380 different sectors from automotive to finance, energy to technology, to gender-based data reporting transparency and to increasing opportunity, representation and rights equality in the workplace. qualified to enter.

Acting with the understanding of ‘Equality at Work’ and operating with the aim of increasing the number of women employees in the automotive sector, Ford Otosan was included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (Bloomberg GEI) with its efforts to offer equal opportunities to everyone and increase women’s employment within the scope of its sustainability approach.

Emphasizing that Ford Otosan strives to provide a work environment based on equal opportunity and respectful to differences and ethical values, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün made the following assessment on the subject:

“As the female employment leader of the automotive sector, we aim to spread equality of opportunity to the entire sector, especially the participation of women employees in business life, and to raise awareness by breaking prejudices, with the understanding of” Equality at Work “. Our country is unfortunately ranked 2020th among 153 countries in the World Economic Forum (WEF) 130 Global Gender Inequality Index. As one of Turkey’s leading industrial companies taking responsibility for our country in this regard “Equality at Work” We try to have our strength. Gender equality is one of the world’s most comprehensive survey of Bloomberg Gender Equality Index from Turkey Located only automotive, but also we are proud of being the only industrial company. “

In the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, launched in 2016, companies from 11 different sectors are evaluated according to how they promote gender equality in areas such as their policies, social participation, products and services developed. The index also includes criteria such as whether companies are signatories to international gender equality initiatives and commitments. Ford Otosan, in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index; It achieved full marks on issues such as recruitment strategies for female employees, the ratio of female managers, the proportion of female employees in new recruitments, diversity and inclusion targets, parental leave policies, and the creation of gender discrimination advertising and marketing content.