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The Ford Fiesta Supersport wasnโ€™t really the 1st hotted-up Fiesta. Youโ€™d have to give that one to the 1300 S, which was released in 1978. The challenge was that, while โ€˜1300 Sโ€™ sounded amazing, what did this mighty equipment in fact give? A 1.3-litre, overhead-valve, all-iron, pushrod, Kent Crossflow motor with 66hp. Oh indeed, and a black strip down the side that claimed 1300 S. That was your large amount.

Still, keen to take a look at the water for what fascination there was in anything a minimal sportier, Ford upped the ante in 1980 when it released the Supersport. With โ€˜superโ€™ and โ€˜sportโ€™ in its title, it immediately sounded more enjoyable. Functionality intelligent it wasnโ€™t, even though. The motor was the similar Kent Crossflowย with the very same 66hp. However, the Supersport weighed just 775kg, so it did not have to have a big amount of money of electricity to energise alone from a standing start โ€“ it would get from -62mph in 11.8 seconds with its electricity-to-excess weight ratio of 85hp for every tonne. By the way, all those figures are the most consistent of the myriad different โ€˜facts’ I could locate out there in online land, so experience no cost to accurate them if you have some specialist information.

What the Supersport did bring was head-turning appears. And I really do not just indicate from the point of view of 1980, when expectations had been floor down to negligible by history unemployment and the Morris Ital. I mean looks that nonetheless capture your notice nowadays. No for a longer period was this a Fiesta embellished with a mere strip down the side the Supersport was dripping with go-quicker tinsel, nonetheless it didnโ€™t, and still does not, look chintzy. Fortunate owners had so a lot to regale their good friends with down the pub. The black rubber wheel arch extensions, black window surrounds, entrance air dam, rear spoiler, bumper overriders, front spotlights and human body-colored grille.

And if that was not adequate to gawp at, how about a wonderful established of 4-spoke RS alloys? These were 13 inches in diameter and sporting reduced-profile 185/60 rubber, no a lot less. It wasnโ€™t all smoke and mirrors, either. Certain, the engine was continue to a fairly unremarkable lump – albeit with a twin-choke Weber carburettor to suck on – but the Supersport had been developed Fordโ€™s Exclusive Automobile Engineering group at Dunton. That great deal experienced thrown on some mechanical upgrades, so together with the broader rubber the Supersport had reduced sports activities suspension and a stiffer rear anti-roll bar.

Inside there was the selection of grey or crimson check out inserts for the sporting activities seats and luxuries such as a radio cassette participant, cigarette lighter, ashtray and a rev counter. You could even possibility a glass sunroof and tinted home windows.

The Fiesta Supersport was released at the Geneva Motor Present in 1980 and not extensive right after, at the time the current market for a fruity hot hatch had been founded, Ford wheeled out the significant-gun XR2 in 1981. But the Supersport was so well conceived looks wise that the XR2โ€™s was hardly any different, bar round headlights, pepper-pot alloys and a black grille. And early XR2 are a sought-following commodity these times, but they seem 10-a-penny following to the minuscule amount of Supersports remaining. Just 24 were taxed previous year, according to

That’s barely surprising, bearing in mind that Mk1 Fiestas are fundamentally a Delighted Food for tin worm. Almost everything rusts as much as I can convey to: the ground-pan, wings, battery tray, sills, strut major mounts, rear quarters (all around the gasoline filler). Itโ€™d be a lot easier to list exactly where they never rust, other than there doesnโ€™t appear to be to be anything at all to adhere on that listing. And apparently panels are starting to be more challenging to supply these days, so it truly is not as easy to recondition them as it once was.

That helps make a vehicle in these types of seemingly remarkably superior problem as this a terrific option. Yes, it is ยฃ20,000 for a Fiesta, but youโ€™d quickly invest that on a full restoration venture and this saves you all the hassle of that. And it is a rapid Ford thatโ€™s very exceptional, which usually means that itโ€™ll possibly only go up in worth, so need to be as solid on the financial investment front as this a person appears to be in the metallic. What I love about it most, even though, is the appears. Itโ€™s just a flawlessly proportioned little car that is accessorised exquisitely. What a discover.ย 

Specification | MkI Ford Fiesta Supersport

Motor: 1,298cc, 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated
Transmission: four-velocity manual, front-wheel travel
Energy (hp): 66 @ 5,600rpm
Torque (lb ft): 69 @ 3,250rpm
MPG: 35
CO2: N/A
Initial registered: 1981
Recorded mileage: 48,000
Cost new: N/A
Yours for: ยฃ19,980


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