Donkervoort F22: 750kg supercar arrives with £211k price tag

Donkervoort F22: 750kg supercar arrives with £211k price tag

Donkervoort will end the D8 GTO era with the new F22, claimed to be the lightest two-seat supercar in the world.

Weighing in at just 750kg, the F22 is the the most powerful car yet produced by Donkervoort. It has a power-to-weight ratio of 657bhp per tonne, thanks to a 493bhp turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine linked to a rev-matching five-speed gearbox.

Top speed, which hasn’t been electronnically limited, is expected to exceed 180mph.

Much of this lightness comes from a completely reworked chassis made from a mix of tubular steel and in-house-built, Formula 1-grade Ex-Core carbonfibre – which is stronger, lighter and can be made into more complex shapes than standard material. This allows for a 100% boost in torsional and bending rigidity over the outgoing D8 GTO Individual Series, which in turns brings better grip: it can handle a maximum lateral acceleration of 2.15g while cornering. 

The first car to come under the guidance of new boss Denis Donkervoort (who has replaced his father, founder Joop Donkervoort) is also the Dutch firm’s largest – at only 5cm slimmer and 50cm shorter than the Lamborghini Huracán – and most civilised. This is down to a more spacious cabin and, for the first time, a twin-plate targa-style carbonfibre roof that, the firm says, brings better everyday usability.

A completely redesigned interior is the key to this, which boasts an extra 80mm of shoulder width and 100mm of cabin length over the car it replaces. It comes complete with custom-designed, lightweight Recaro seats, into which occupants are strapped by what’s claimed to be the first six-point harness approved both for racing and road use.

“The F22 is the pinnacle of what we know with lightweight engineering, strength, combustion engines and pure speed,” said Denis Donkervoort.

“The F22 gives Donkervoort drivers new levels of speed, handling, driving purity, design and practicality and shows the world where Donkervoort is going in the future.”

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