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Impressions on idrive8 and comparison with idrive7 does idrive7 look outdated, is it a big upgrade?

Intersting question… I think if I look at iDrive 8 by itself, it feels evolutionary vs revolutionary . For the most part the software has lots of UI tweaks, but when you click down int the underlying functions (e.g. maps) they are fundamentally the same as in iDrive 7. The Home Screen widgets are certainly interesting and feel like a nod to the ‘new’ Porsche PCM, and I’d say it took me about 20 minutes to become comfortable with the system. In some cases it is better than iDrive 7 in others it is not e.g. the app menu feels like a throwback to windows 95.

I think where system feels more revolutionary is when you pair it with the iX (e.g. the big screen) and it’s EV platform, because there are elements and capabilities that are just different than those available on a ICE platform.

That said, I think BMW hasn’t fully explored the possibilities of an EV platform, and there are definitely some appendixes left over from the ICE era. For example limiting cabin climatisation to 15 minutes.

So the short answer to your question is that iDrive 8 in the iX feels revolutionary, because of the platform and because one can see the possibilities. But if iDrive 8 were an upgrade to the current X5, it would feel evolutionary. A nice upgrade, but not a knock your socks off one.


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