Stock Quotes: A Significant part of the Stock Market

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The price of a particular stock as quoted on an exchange is termed as stock quote. Generally Stock quotes include basic information of a particular stock such as the bid of that stock, ask price, last traded price and traded volume. Stock quote is a very significant part of the stock market as it gives an overall idea about the price of a particular stock. As the stock market is very volatile, it is very important for an investor as well as for a trader to keep track of the stock quotes on a daily basis. 

Knowing about the stock quotes:

Traders/investors can access the stock quotes through online such as mobile devices or smart phones. Since, buying and selling of a stock entirely depend upon the stock quotes, traders have to keep constant vigil on the stock quotes of different stocks. It is advised by the veterans to keep track of stock quotes through electronic media rather than print media. Various online portals offer the real time stock quotes for the investors.

Significance of stock quotes:

Supplemental information and data are represented by the stock quotes. Supplemental information includes the high and low prices for given securities which have been verified in a single trading day. The change in the value of the security can be displayed by the stock quotes in comparison with the previous day’s closing price or the opening price of the present trading day. The difference of prices of the securities may be measured through percentage which determines the increase or decrease of a security in a particular day. The recommendations of reputed analysts can also be given with the displayed securities. 

The recommendations can be displayed on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly gaps. The service or operators giving the stock quotes may offer the information which is strictly rotated surrounding the present, recent pricing or there can be additional details such as metrics on the annual, monthly, weekly or daily performance of the security. There is a provision of including the performance graphs of share prices for several years in the stock quotes. 

Example of stock quotes:

Suppose, a stock quote for a particular company namely Wipro, considers various supplementary information such as logo of the company, price change (given in percentage form) and the latest quoted price at the closing time. 


From the above article it can be easily said that the stock quotes represent the basics of a particular share in a nutshell. Any investor has to depend upon the stock quotes before buying or selling of a particular stock. The technical and fundamental analysis is performed on the basis of stock quotes at