Shoreham Vehicle Auctions helps staff with rocketing fuel bills


Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) is to make payments to its staff fuel bills which are set to double in coming months.

The auction house announced the move as part of a new health and wellbeing strategy for its employees, which also aims to improve staff retention.

The group also announced plans to deliver a net zero emissions strategy over the coming 12 months.

SVA’s new approach aims to help and support its colleagues in coping with the challenges of modern-day Britain including fuel poverty and the ever-rising cost of living.

Director Rosalind Wright has taken on responsibility for these key areas of the business as it aims to further improve the long-term welfare of its 40-strong team.

“By understanding people’s needs and looking after their welfare we will retain our staff and give them a helping hand to manage the everyday life pressures they are having to face.

“One of our next initiatives is to contribute to our colleague’s fuel bills as energy prices are set to double,” said Wright.

“Recruiting new staff is becoming increasingly difficult so staff retention is vital as we continue to provide our vendor and buyer customers with optimum levels of service,” she added.

SVA has installed a bank of solar panels on its undercover auction and car storage area that will generate 50KW of electricity that will meet the needs of its business.

These are set to go live in Q2, with a bank of electric vehicle chargers next on the priority list to accommodate the growing number of vendor and buyer cars on site that require charging.

Eighty per cent of SVA’s 19-strong company vehicle fleet are also now electric including a minibus, as it further reduces its reliance on fossil fuels.

“Many of the tenders we respond to include a section on sustainability, and we are ahead of the game in delivering a strong environmental policy as we move our business towards Net Zero,” said SVA MD Alex Wright.





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