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If you’ve spent any time in the greeting card section of a store, you’ve come across birthday cards that chronicle the significant historical events, scientific breakthroughs, or cultural developments for a particular year. Among the many noteworthy occurrences that happen in a specific year is the debut of a car that defines the period, introduces breakthrough innovations, or displays revolutionary styling and aesthetics.

Stacker compiled a list of iconic car debuts from the year you were born, drawing on sources that include Popular Mechanics, plus automotive industry publications like Car and Driver, and Hemmings, the magazine favored by classic car aficionados.

By the early 1920s, the gas-powered cars had won the technology battle over electric and steam vehicles, though the Doble Steam Car, built by Doble Steam Motors, was still trying to mine the market for steam-powered vehicles in 1922. The Doble ran on recycled exhaust steam and could reach 90 miles an hour.

In 1928, the Duesenberg Model J represented the height of glamour and prestige, a vehicle driven by celebrities and the affluent. In 1932, Ford introduced its Roadster, which made the V8 available for engine-tinkerers and those who like to get their hands dirty working under the hood.

After World War II, in 1948, visionary automobile entrepreneur Preston Tucker built the Tucker 48, or Tucker Torpedo, one of the first vehicles to have disc brakes and safety features such as a padded dashboard. Unfortunately for Tucker, financial difficulties forced the company to close.

The introduction of Chevrolet Corvette in 1953—all models were convertible—was a watershed moment for the U.S. automotive industry because the Vette was the first true American sports car. Eleven years later, the debut of the stylish Ford Mustang, the brainchild of legendary automotive visionary Lee Iacocca, was an industry nod to the emerging mobile youth culture of the 1960s. Both the Vette and the Mustang would be reintroduced to the public with great fanfare.

Here is a list of the iconic car debuts from the year you were born.

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