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C10 Fall Revival 2021 was held in Oakboro, North Carolina from October 22 – 23, 2021.  With the event bringing in over 300 vehicles on Friday’s on ‘set up day’ alone, you knew it was going to be a BIG event with participants coming from all around the United States.

Showing up on Saturday morning around 8:30am you would be surprised to see the rows of trucks already in attendance. within the hour you could see lines forming both ways to get into the event. This went on for the entire day. as you rolled in, you had vehicles on both sides , rows upon rows upon rows of vehicles.

C10 Fall Revival 2021


To the left you could find a few vendors before reaching an open building packed full of custom and one off vehicles with some of the craziest off the wall customization. There was something there for everyone, including restored trucks, to rusted trucks originals, to big motor builds, some work in progress and some very highly customized trucks. Some very low and slammed to the ground and some lifted nice and high into the sky. You could even find some one off and rare trucks and SUV’s in attendance.

You could walk the event all day and each lap you could see something different or something unique that would catch your eye. With over 1000 registered vehicles, there was plenty to see. C10 Fall Revival 2021 started up 3 years ago as just a gathering of owners to get together and enjoy each others rides. Now 3 years later, this free event to owners and spectators has grown a lot and raising money for a great charity!

The final count was 1019 registered vehicles and 6000+ spectators. We are confident this event will continue to grow and we cannot wait to see what numbers they bring in next year!

Photos by: Chris Gosda


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