Used Car Shoppers Should Know These Tips


Buying a used car can be worrisome, considering the grim prospect of getting a lemon. Although tools like Carfax can help consumers identify mileage and title issues, there is another problem. Some dealerships will employ questionable tactics to sell a vehicle. All used car shoppers should know these tips to protect themselves when looking for that preowned vehicle bargain.

What should you not do when buying a used car? 

Used car shoppers should know these tips

Buying a vehicle like one of these can be stressful | Artur Widak, Getty Images

Used car shoppers should never buy a car by ‘taking someone’s word for it.’ It is important to make sure that the vehicle you are buying is everything that you think it is, and nothing less. Don’t be afraid to ask for documentation, and snap a picture of the VIN number for reference. 


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