Top 5 Failures of the Volkswagen Touareg – Humble Mechanic

Top 5 Failures of the Volkswagen Touareg – Humble Mechanic

Volkswagen water damageThe VW Touareg and I have spent many many hours together. Some of that time was great, other times were a real struggle. I really learned how to be a technician because of the Touareg and all the problems that it had. There are many reasons that the VW Touareg was such a nightmare for customers  and techs. That being said, if the Touareg never happened, I would not be nearly as good of a mechanic as I am today.

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Join me today as we discuss:

  • Common VW Touareg failures
  • Touareg Tire Pressure Monitor issues
  • Touareg Tire wear issues
  • VW Touareg Electrical issues
  • VW Touareg driveshaft fails
  • Touareg interface issues
  • Touareg Ad-Blue issues
  • Rapid fire problems
  • and more

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