This Luxury Car Dealer Left A Six-Figure Salary Behind And Ended Up With His Own Keys To Success


This entrepreneur climbed to the top!

Eric Whitehead is the mastermind behind luxury car dealership PTG365. To date, Whitehead says the dealership has grossed more than $10 million in revenue. However, this feat would not have been possible without taking a leap of faith to become his own boss.

A Seat At The Table Leads To A New Business Venture

Whitehead’s love for luxury cars was engraved in him as a child. That, coupled with his people skills, would lead him to merge both worlds. He established a 12-year career as a salesperson working at Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, and Lexus, among others.

“I had my experience with all those prior dealerships and I was very successful making around $200,000 a year,” Whitehead told AfroTech. “I was always taught sales and I was also great at finance. When I got my opportunity to do finance, I got so great at my position I was able to hang out with the owners and the bosses.”

Earning a seat at the table, Whitehead says he learned higher-ups were earning over $1 million. He soon realized he could apply his experience and skills while maintaining more profit by launching his own dealership in 2017.

What Makes PTG365 Unique

Getting PTG365 up and running presented its challenges. Whitehead was used to wearing various hats in the automotive industry but leading his own company allowed him to understand the dollar value of maintaining a business.

After integrating a reliable structure for the company model, he was able to drive profit and sustain a family-friendly environment, enticing customers to flock to the dealership.

A standout feature for the dealership is that customers have the added benefit of saving time, energy, and money. From the comfort of their homes, customers can receive a condition report and also purchase their vehicles through a phone call, e-mail, or Facetime.

In addition, the dealership will deliver the car straight to the home of the buyer and send a postcard with their new purchase in front of their home.

“This is something I can say we started because a lot of dealerships weren’t comfortable with delivering a vehicle to people’s homes and we were doing this before the pandemic,” Whitehead said.

He continued: “This is one of the biggest purchases of most people’s lives after purchasing a home so we want to make it fun and memorable. That’s why a lot of people come to us.”

The convenience of the at-home purchase is made possible by Whitehead’s automotive concierge service application CARS365. Users will also have access to important data in regards to their car that may be unbeknown to them such as vehicle registration, insurance information, etc.

“The Strategy: A Guide to Mental Dominance”

With nearly two decades in the game, Whitehead is sharing his secret to success in the digital book “The Strategy: A Guide to Mental Dominance.” Readers will be encouraged to set plans and daily goals to achieve their desired results. What’s more, the e-book is not just for entrepreneurs but for people from all walks of life looking to break bad habits.

“My book will get you on the right path and help you become strategic with anything you do in life, whether it is business, as family, or a bad habit because it allows you to set goals that you have to achieve because you can’t go to the next page without finalizing your goal or having a clear understanding. I also talk about what I implement to help myself stay motivated and change my mindset,” Whitehead said.


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