The Importance of Vehicle Wheel Alignment

The Importance of Vehicle Wheel Alignment

There are several benefits to having a proper vehicle wheel alignment. These include improving the car’s fuel mileage, a better look to the vehicle, and the alignment that reduces steering trouble while you drive. Wheel alignments also extend the life of your tires. Occasionally your tires may hit a large bump or a pothole in the middle of the street, and when this takes place, the tires get knocked out of alignment. Alignment restores the tires to their original position.

Wheel Alignment Service

New Orleans professional wheel alignment services are procedures by which the car mechanic fixes your car’s outlook using a computerized (and sometimes laser) machine to correct any problems so that the wheels are similar to one another and perpendicular to the ground. There are several factors involved when it comes to wheel alignment, such as “caster.” Caster is a flutter or rotation within the wheel bearings that can cause a vehicle to move in an unwanted direction at higher speeds.


You need to look for various signs to determine if you need to have your wheels aligned. If your steering wheel pulls to the side, locks, or becomes stiff, it’s time for an alignment. Other signs include uneven tires, heavy vibrations, and screeching of the tires while driving.

Additionally, when you look at the car, determine if the wheels are pointing towards one another. If they are, “positive toe” is the phrase mechanics use to describe this. For safe driving, the wheels should be parallel to one another. However, if they are pointing away from each other, the mechanic would call this a “negative toe.”

Another important reason to make sure your vehicle’s wheels are always aligned is that improper alignment will eventually wear out your tires. Sometimes particular wheels on a car will appear to wear out unevenly before others. If you notice this on your vehicle, it’s most certainly your alignment. It’s essential to get this fixed as soon as it is seen because once the tires start to wear out unevenly, they will always run unevenly. Even after an alignment procedure is performed. As they begin to run unevenly again, this can also throw out your alignment!

Taking The Vehicle To The Mechanic

The mechanic will always start and end the session with a test drive. The test drive will give him an idea of what the problems are with the wheels. After the alignment using a computerized machine, he’ll want to know if the problem was fixed correctly. A good mechanic will also be able to determine if an alignment is necessary in the first place.

The cost of a wheel alignment varies by a mechanic, but in general, you’ll pay between $30 and $65 for two wheels, while a four-wheel alignment will cost up to $95. Some car mechanics offer discounts on their services. You should be careful if a mechanic charges excessively high or excessively low prices.