Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association concludes Baraha Classic Car Exhibition


The latest edition of the Car Show witnessed an outstanding turnout from patrons of Barahat Msheireb



The Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association concluded the current edition of Baraha Classic Car exhibition on Monday at Msheireb Downtown Doha. The event was organised in partnership with Msheireb Real Estate.
The car show featured a resplendent selection of luxury classic cars that represent an important historical era in the modern history of Qatar.
In a press statement, HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Qatari Classic Car Association, said: “The association was keen on curating a selection of classic cars that is indicative of a very specific era in the lives of Msheireb during the 60s and 70s of the last century.”
HE Sheikh Faisal lauded their fruitful and successful partnership with Msheireb Properties, which resulted in organising such a tremendous edition of Baraha Classic Cars exhibition at Barahat Msheireb – Downtown, Doha, which has now become the destination of choice for all classic car enthusiasts.
Omar Hussein Alfardan, vice-president of the Gulf Qatar Classic Car Association, praised the great turnout that the car show has witnessed following its inauguration, and said: “The association has succeeded in turning Baraha Classic Cars exhibition into unique tourist attraction, and curating its events in a manner that perfectly reflects choosing its unique value as a societal heritage passed on to generations of professionals with the necessary skills to preserve and protect its heritage.
“Baraha Classic Cars exhibition has achieved such a resounding success that has encouraged the association to continue to organise it annually.”
He pointed out that the turnout witnessed by the exhibition is an incentive to expand the activities of the next edition of the car show and to work to increase the number of exhibitors in the upcoming years.
Alfardan noted that the positive feedback that the car show and its organisers have received confirms that the desired goal behind organising the event has been reached, considering its success in attracting its target group, namely the youth who are infatuated with collecting classic cars and who value the legacy of their parents and their collectibles.
“The Gulf Qatari Classic Car Association also seeks to create an annual forum that brings together rare classic car collectors and enthusiasts, in order to further educate the public, both citizens and residents, about the important role these type of exhibitions play in chronicling and documenting a very important era in the lives of the Qatari people,” he added.
Alfardan stressed on the importance of the exhibition as a forum and plaform for collectors of classic cars to showcase their rare luxury collections, as well as the efforts exerted by the association to provide the collectors with all the necessary and vital educational, artistic and cultural experiences, along with the social, cultural and technical services that ensure the preservation and protection of these incredibly valuable vehicles.
HE Sheikh Nawaf bin Nasser bin Khalid al-Thani, member of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Qatari Classic Car Association, praised the great turnout at the car show and said: “The current edition of the Baraha Classic Cars Exhibition has achieved tremendous success and that encourages us to continue to bring it to the public every year. In addition, we will be diversifying the event’s activities and increasing the number of cars exhibited to allow more visitors to marvel at an even wider array of these rare pieces of art.”
Speaking about the importance of Baraha Classic Cars exhibition, he said: “The classic car show aims to promote the idea of investing in and collecting classic cars, which has become a vital facet of the history of our country, and to encourage young people in Qatar to start collecting rare cars of their own and to take part in this rich tradition. The classic car show also aims to promote a culture of interest in classic cars and to allow the public to revel in a collection of the rarest and most luxurious classic cars owned by true connoisseurs and lovers of these vehicles.”
Dr Hafez Ali, head of Marketing and Communications at Msheireb Properties, welcomed the decision to host Barahat Classic Cars exhibition at Msheireb -Downtown this year, citing the great opportunity of attracting classic car enthusiasts from all over the country and the world, while shedding a light on the history of this great tradition in Qatar.
Msheireb Properties CEO Nasser Matar al-Kuwari praised the unparalleled location of Msheireb – Downtown, a landmark that represents the perfect marriage between the country’s rich heritage and the modernity it boasts, noting that Msheireb Properties constantly seeks to support the interests of the public by hosting major, vital events in Msheireb – Downtown Doha, the country’s true heart and soul.
He confirmed the continued collaboration with the Gulf Qatar Classic Car Association during the upcoming period, which will see both parties organising and sponsoring more grand events and exhibitions.
The Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association aspires to introduce the Qatari community primarily to its activities as a sponsor and supporter of classic car collectors, and to highlight its efforts within the Qatari community, as well as to encourage investment in classic cars, and highlight the rich tradition of collecting vintage cars across history in Qatar.
In addition, the association also aims to highlight to the various developmental stages that the classic car sector has gone through.
The association also seeks to provide a welcoming, distinct and attractive environment to encourage the preservation of classic cars as a legacy passed on by generations. The association has exerted a lot of effort in providing vintage car collectors with all the necessary skills, and all vital educational, artistic and cultural experiences, along with various social, cultural and artistic experiences, which will aid in preserving this invaluable heritage and tradition.



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