GAC SPACE Concept – Car Body Design


The SPACE Concept was revealed on June 28, during the 2022 GAC Tech Day  held at GAC R&D Center in Guangzhou, China, with the theme of “The Realization of Technology”.

GAC SPACE Concept Exterior Design

The purpose of the design study is to suggest a new development paradigm for future mobility in China.

Exterior Design

The SPACE features a clean body surface sculpted with light and shadow. From the round, fluid front end to the angular tail, the SPACE has truly a one of kind, special presence.

GAC SPACE Concept Exterior Design

The front end design is simple and elegant. Its sequential headlights, together with the vertical illuminated grille bars, present a distinctive  “Illuminated Waterfall”.

GAC SPACE Concept Design Sketch Render

The rear roof is inspired by upturned eaves, one of the most identifiable feature of traditional Chinese roof architecture. This design maximizes the inner space while presenting a speedy, fast look.

GAC SPACE Concept Design Sketch Render

Under the eave, the octagonal shaped tail design is simple and steady. The vertical bars on the inside continues the “Illuminated Waterfall” theme from the front.

GAC SPACE Concept Exterior Design

The wheel hubs feature a stunning light show. When the SPACE is set in motion, it appears as if the rolling hills are contained in the wheel hubs.

GAC SPACE Concept Interior Design Rear End

As you approach the SPACE, the door will open automatically and a beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers will be revealed to you, creating a sense of ritual and special connections between you and SPACE.

GAC SPACE Concept Exterior Design

Interior Design

While the keyword of the exterior is hi-tech, the interior is all about the culture. The interior layout is inspired by a popular activity among ancient Chinese intellectuals – the “winding stream party” in which the participants sit by a winding stream and compose poems before picking up a floating cup. This poetic inspiration lends the whole space a perfect cross between elegance and fun.

GAC SPACE Concept Interior Sequential Lights

As you enter the SPACE, you will be greeted by Guangzhou’s famous landmarks – Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River. Inspired by the famous Chinese painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” and based on the culture of Lingnan, the green is chosen as the main color tone to bring a strong oriental cultural atmosphere as well as a sense of modern elegance.

GAC SPACE Concept Interior Design

The  visual effect and rich cultural heritage of this landscape painting will influence the upcoming production models.

GAC SPACE Concept Interior Design Sketch Render

The L-shaped sofa in the second row is named Rolling Hills. Rows of stripes grow behind the sofa, then extend to the roof in the middle where the dome lights float like a cloud. The passengers will enjoy not only a comfortable space but also a theatrical visual experience.

GAC SPACE Concept Interior 3 Tier Display

The innovative 3-tier display system in the front row is comprised of a facial recognition display, a fabric touch display and a front IP display.

The SPACE is equipped with GAC’s advanced autonomous driving system capable of L4. When activated, the steering wheel and the facial recognition display fold up and retract. Then the driver can sit back and relax through the journey without any intervention.

Lifestyle and User Scenarios

Taking inspiration from Chinese culture of “family reunion sitting around the bonfire”, the SPACE features a Bonfire Circle mode.

GAC SPACE Concept Interior Design Sketch Render

In this mode, the pedals drop down and the front seats rotate and slide rearward, facing the center table. Floor lights starts to glow like winding streams, and the center table gently turns as it rises. This enables all guests gathering naturally around the table and conversing freely.

GAC SPACE Concept Interior Design Rear End

Another unique feature presented in SPACE is the Tea Time Lounge mode. With a touch of button, the upper part of tailgate slowly rises like the eaves of a teahouse as the lower part of tailgate extends forward, becoming a comfortable seating area. Users can lounge and relax with a cup of tea while taking in the beautiful scenery.

“Bonfire Circle” and “Tea Time Lounge” are typical ways of oriental lifestyle. By providing the experience of “indoor-family fun” and “outdoor-slow thinking”, the car is now extended into a medium for a better life.

Cultural and Emotional Meanings

“As designers, we have been thinking about how to combine these hi-tech achievements with innovative designs in the exploration of future mobility.” said Fan Zhang, vice president of GAC R&D and head of design.

GAC SPACE Concept reveal

“We believe the interior space and luxury experience are getting increasingly important as our customers pursue a better life. The balance of practicality and emotionality becomes a crucial consideration for future design. For this reason, we launch the 2022 GAC Concept Car-SPACE. ”

Fan Zhang explains: “The borrowing of Baiyun Mountain and Pearl River water is the application of Chinese aesthetics in modern design. We believe that this innovative exploration based on cultural confidence will become the mainstream of the emotional design of vehicles in the future. ”

“The SPACE represents a leap forward in GAC’s innovation and exploration. Its design gathers technological progress, user needs and the development of the times, creating a perfect symbiosis between man and nature. That is our ultimate goal.”

(Image Courtesy: GAC for Car Body Design)


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