Countach and LM 002: the Lamborghini V12 shows to be multipurpose


Countach and LM 002: the Lamborghini V12 reveals to be multi-goal

July 27, 2022 by Lamborghini
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Countach and LM 002: the Lamborghini V12 shows to be multi-purposeIn the calendar year of celebrations for the V12, the story of two models that are diametrically opposed but share the very same incredible 12-cylinder mechanics

This 12 months, Lamborghini is celebrating its V12, the legendary 12-cylinder motor that for virtually 60 many years has geared up the most legendary models of the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese and that, in its ultimate evolution as a ‘pure’ internal combustion motor, will go out of creation when the past Aventador Ultimae1 is created in late 2022. These versions include the Countach, a person of the most iconic autos in automotive heritage, unveiled in 1971 and manufactured from 1973 to 1990 in 1999 + 1 units, and the LM 002, which went down in background as the first mass-made extremely-high-efficiency off-road car or truck, with 300 units developed between 1986 and 1993, that took the effectiveness and driving enjoyment of grand tourers off-road.

Countach, an automotive legend that ended up on posters globally

Even ahead of its official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Clearly show in March 1971, the LP 500 had astonished the planet with its intense, futuristic visual appearance. In truth, the exclamation in Piedmontese dialect ‘Countach’, employed to underscore the remarkable mother nature of what experienced just been witnessed, was included to the car’s identify just a couple of times ahead of its formal presentation, immediately after a Carrozzeria Bertone technician had viewed it beneath production and couldn’t comprise his surprise. Released as an ‘idea car’ to see regardless of whether the community would be interested in these kinds of an sophisticated and serious automobile, it was outfitted with the 60° V12 motor that experienced already performed so perfectly on preceding transverse rear mid-engine Lamborghinis. This time, nonetheless, the engine was mounted in the rear-longitudinal position, a new technical solution at Lamborghini, and the displacement was greater from the conventional 4 liters to about 5 (4971 cc) for 440 hp. LP 500 was so productive that, even ahead of the end of the Geneva demonstrate, Ferruccio Lamborghini experienced made a decision to place it into creation. The LP 500 remained a one-off, modified several occasions in the course of the grueling street tests performed by test driver Bob Wallace in excess of the upcoming 3 many years, and was then destroyed in the crash exams demanded for homologation on March 21, 1974.
Countach and LM 002: the Lamborghini V12 shows to be multi-purpose
The first output Countach

From the indications supplied by the LP 500, the LP 400 providing 375 hp at 8000 rpm was born, likely into generation in late 1973 equipped with the conventional 4-liter motor. Thanks to the notch in the roof used to increase visibility by way of the inside rearview mirror, it is now regarded by the nickname ‘Periscope’. In 1978, right after 152 units had been manufactured, the Countach LP 400 was transformed into the LP 400 S, attaining the additional elaborate shape that characterised it for the up coming twelve yrs. The ‘S’, in reality, was modified at the stage of body and chassis to make the technological novelty of the interval, the tremendous lower-profile Pirelli P7 tires, work better, but also at the aesthetic stage. To accommodate the new enlarged brakes and broader tires, it became essential to undertake wheel arche extenders, while the increased general performance dictated the use of a extra aerodynamic entrance spoiler. Particular fanatics would then also insert a rear wing to comprehensive the aerodynamic package.

The Cannonball Run

It was precisely a 1979 LP 400 S product that created its debut on the significant monitor in 1981 as a main character in the motion picture The Cannonball Operate. From that instant on, the Countach appeared in the bedrooms of teens all around the globe, hanging on the walls as the favorite poster of an overall generation.

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The Countaches with 5-liter engines
In 1982, following 235 units had been made, the 400 S was replaced by the LP 5000 S, continue to equipped with the legendary V12 but now increased to a capability of 4.8 liters (4754 cc) for 375 hp at 7000 rpm. After 323 models ended up produced as a result of 1984, it was replaced by the Quattrovalvole, considered by lots of to be the very best mixture of aesthetics, general performance, trustworthiness and convenience. The V12, in addition to the adoption of the four valves for each cylinder, was modified to enhance the displacement to 5.1 liters (5167 cc) for a optimum electric power output of 455 hp at 7000 rpm. The Quattrovalvole edition was the very first to be officially homologated for and imported to the United States, exactly where, nonetheless, its carburetors ended up replaced by electronic gas injection. The opening of this current market permitted new sales volumes, and the Quattrovalvole was developed in 631 models up to 1988, when it was replaced by the Countach 25 Anniversario, so named to celebrate the 25 several years given that the founding of Automobili Lamborghini. The 25 Anniversario adopted improved aerodynamics, some entire body panels built of composite materials, and a far more magnificent inside, whilst retaining the mechanics of the Quattrovalvole. Amazingly, demonstrating the excellence of the Countach structure, continue to impressive right after 17 a long time of output, the 25 Anniversario was the collection with the best generation quantities at 658 units. The past Countach, Grigio Metallizzato (metallic grey) with grey interior, rolled off the assembly line on July 4, 1990, and went straight to the MUDETC, the corporation museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

The magic of the 1999+1

If you happen to be continue to thinking why 1999 + 1 units have been made, the explanation is uncomplicated. The to start with LP 500, physically made by Bertone, did not have a Lamborghini chassis quantity but a Bertone one particular. Officially, consequently, the very first Countach is the LP 400 chassis amount 1120001 created in 1973, to begin with red and then repainted eco-friendly, with numerous aesthetic dissimilarities from the cars that would adhere to.

LM 002, the Lamborghini for off-road (and not only)

Throughout the ‘Countach years’, the organization management sensed that there may be a market place for a substantial-functionality off-street auto with luxurious finishes. The LM 002 applied the mechanics of the Countach engine in the 5.2-liter model with power minimized by 20 hp to be in a position to use considerably less refined gasoline devoid of operating into challenges, turned 180° and shifted to the longitudinal front place. A four-wheel travel transmission was then additional, complete with central differential and small gears. What remained, like on the Countach, was the tubular chassis, hardly ever prior to noticed on an off-road car or truck, normally used completely on racing cars or the most advanced sporting activities cars and trucks. Thus was born an amazing motor vehicle capable of the two cruising on the highway at sports sedan averages and tackling incredibly demanding off-highway routes. The LM 002, in fact, was the car or truck that designed the market for athletics SUVs and the progenitor, at least spiritually, of modern Lamborghini URUS. It was generated in roughly equivalent numbers with carburetor fueling first and gasoline injection later, quickly recognizable from each and every other by the ‘hump’ on the hood which was significantly additional pronounced on the carburetor types.

LM 002 and the many curiosities

A person case in point of LM 002 was equipped with the 7.2-liter 700 hp V12 engine generally utilised on off-shore boats, though a further was organized below the assistance of specialized advisor Sandro Munari, a former Globe Rally champion, to compete in endurance races in the desert. There are so quite a few anecdotes involved with the LM 002, together with its ability to pull a Leopard tank or, geared up with a tow hook, a trailer with a lucky collector’s Miura onboard. It was commonly nicknamed the ‘Rambo Lambo’ for its muscular physical appearance and because a person of them, at the time, was owned by American actor Sylvester Stallone. The finest definition of the LM 002, even so, was offered by an Italian journalist who wrote following test driving it: ‘At 200 km/h, the LM 002 isn’t going to slice through the air. It smacks it with pleasure.’


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