Classic cars see price hikes up to 40% amid overall shortages, Raleigh car show organizer says


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The “Goodguy America’s Favorite” car show returned to the N.C. State Fairgrounds for its 40th anniversary.

The event comes as the industry sees historic price hikes for used and new cars and short supply.

Harry Daviess is the vice president for event operations and said this weekend’s car show allows them to showcase nice beautiful cars, vendors and educate the public.

“The biggest thing that people get from our events is stepping back in time,” Daviess said.

Seeing a lot of the classic beauties would have made anyone want to jump back to the 70s or 80s. But it’s the companionship you build at event spaces like these that keeps car owners returning.

Tyler Measley, Tony Measley and Tracy Smith all bonded over man’s second-best friend: their cars.

“Just enjoy myself and hang out with other car enthusiasts. I like talking to people about my car and learning about other people’s cars,” Tyler said.

“I like to see what other people have done to their vehicles. That way I could take back or give my input or output; whatever it takes,” Tony said.

“I just met these gentlemen this weekend and we found out we got a whole lot in common. Found out we got that same phone numbers in our phones,” Smith said as they all laughed.

Daviess talked about the current spike in prices for used and new cars.

“Classic cars, so to speak, or restored cars or even modified hot rods, have gone up 30 to 40 percent,” he said. “As far as supply chain goes, there’s been some struggles. We have a lot of high-end builders.”

Whether it’s with a motor, transmission or maybe even just interior parts, there have been a lot of delays, Daviess said.

The creators of the events bring this experience to many across the country. Hosting the event 19 times with a membership base of over 50,000.

“We’re just all about the local community and we’ve embraced the Raleigh area. We love the fairgrounds here and we’re going to be here for hopefully the next 20 to 25 years,” Daviess said.

The event wrapped up Sunday at 3 p.m. Their next stop is Nashville, Tennessee from May 13 to 15.


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