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When storing a car in a garage is just not quite enough, what’s the next step you can take? One of the many specialist items we stock here at Ultimate Finish comes courtesy of Carcoon and their indoor car storage solution systems.

Carcoon Indoor Storage Solutions

Purpose built for indoor use, the Veloce is composed of a tubular steel frame which enables access for a vehicle to the rear. There is also superb access along both sides of the vehicle when looking to enter the vehicle itself. This means that once you have the Veloce fully constructed and set up, moving a vehicle inside takes seconds.

What Are The Benefits Of the Veloce Carcoon?

Veloce Carcoon

Once erected and with a car parked up inside, the Veloce will provide protection from anything coming into contact with it. On top of doing the obvious of preventing unwanted contact, Carcoon’s patented Active Airflow Concept will operate continuously and provide super-atmospheric, circulating airflow for 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

All Carcoon Sizes In Stock And Ready To Ship

Veloce Carcoon
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We’ve got all sizes of the Veloce Carcoon in stock and ready to ship worldwide, including next day delivery in the UK when you order before 5pm. Mon-Fri, some exclusions apply. Perfect for preventing any unwanted debris or dust settling on a vehicle ahead of a show or special outing this summer, take a read of the full specifications for the Veloce below and if you’re not sure what size to go for, take advantage of our vehicle registration search function!

Veloce Carcoon – Indoor Storage System For Cars From £579.00

Veloce (pronounced veh-low-chay, Italian for fast) is the latest evolution of the Carcoon, the drive-in Veloce provides all the protection of the normal Carcoon while ensuring that nothing ever touches your vehicle. Simply drive the vehicle into the Carcoon, zip shut the access panels and turn the power on.

Designed for indoor use, the Carcoon Veloce uses a tubular steel frame which provides vehicle access to the rear and excellent access along both sides of the vehicle. Once set up, a car can be driven in or out in seconds.

Three opening sides provide all-round access, providing enough space to fully open the car doors (even on four-door models).

Air circulation is provided by Carcoon’s patented Active Airflow Concept that consists of two air treatment units which operate continuously to provide super-atmospheric, circulating airflow for 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Importantly, the circulating air is taken from inside the storage unit itself, which effectively isolates the flow of air from the outside environment using just 12 Volts, 220 mA ventilators all for a running cost of approximately 3 pence per day.

Veloce Carcoon
  • Choose from Red or Black colour
  • (Extra Small) — 4.00 × 2.00 × 1.70m
  • (Small) — 4.33 × 2.30 × 1.70m
  • (Medium) — 4.88 × 2.30 × 1.70m
  • (Large) — 5.38 × 2.30 × 1.70m
  • (Extra Large) — 6.38 × 2.30 × 1.70m

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