We are proud to release the first iteration in the 5.0 series of the Bimmerpost App available for all newer Android devices!

From the ground up
The 5.0 series represents a total ground up refresh of the app. Not a single line of code from the old app is here. As you might imagine, that has taken a really long time and we continue to work day and night on getting the 5.0 series up to snuff. Our goal is to make this the single best version of Bimmerpost you can use.

WIP = Work in Progress
Because we’ve started from scratch for this release we had to rebuild all the of what works back into the app. At the same time, we have been working to build in new functionality to take the app to the next level. In a sense, this App is on three parallel tracks:

  1. Mirror existing features into the new app
  2. Fix bugs
  3. Add new features

At this point we’ve passed our internal threshold for >85% for mirroring of existing features and

We believe we will hit those end targets within 3 months.

We love to hear from you
Good or bad, let it fly… Let us know what you think of the app.
Love it? Awesome we need hugs too.
Found a bug? Post it up.
Hate the way something works? Post about it here
Missing a feature you used to use in the old app? Yup, post about it here.

This will only help us get to those issues faster and fix them.

Whats the most glaring issue right now?
Notifications tab. This is our area of current intense work right now. You might notice that your notifications counter isn’t exactly accurate. Thats because on the back-end we’ve prepared the system for a new way of thinking and handling notifications. We will slowly roll this into the app over the next month, and will become more obvious in upcoming updates

*** Please note, when planning to upgrade to the new version, its highly encouraged you first delete the old app and re-install from scratch. Since this is a total rewrite of the app, we think its better if install with a fresh start for the best experience


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