AVA of Norway Pressure Washers Now Available At UF


It’s officially British Summer Time and that means there is finally ample opportunity to get out there with a pressure washer and give your car some regular maintenance wash activity. The second great bit of news to go with that, is we have added a range of the amazing AVA of Norway Pressure Washer systems to our online store!

AVA of Norway Master Pressure Washer

All purpose built with the consumer’s needs firmly in mind, AVA of Norway produces products that are extremely user-friendly with minimal set-up stress – just plain good efficiency. With a strong focus on durability, AVA are very passionate in producing more environmentally friendly pressure washers that will last for as long as possible (not incurring some of the regular maintenance needs compared to other manufacturers) and come with extended consumer guarantees.

Which AVA of Norway Pressure Washer is For You?

We have added Pressure Washers from four of the AVA of Norway series to our specialist detailing product offering. They are the Master, Evolution, Smart and GO series.

Each unit comes with its very own individual features and you can instantly tell that there has been a huge degree of thought and consideration put into the final design. Every AVA comes ready to go straight from the box and the meticulous design and testing ensures that usability, convenience and durability has been put at the forefront of each machine.

AVA of Norway GO Pressure Washer

All the kits now available on the Ultimate Finish website are the large variants and come with several quality accessories which give access to the many different features available with AVA pressure washers.

AVA of Norway Evolution Pressure Washer

We’ve showcased a handful of the machines below, all of which are now showing on our website.

Evolution Series Pressure Washer From £329.00

The award-winning Evolution series from AVA is designed with a focus on user-friendliness and is super-easy to set-up to ensure you get the power and availability for pressure washing your car exactly when needed. The Evolution pressure washer features a long-lasting 4-cylinder metal pump for guaranteed durability and performance. Offering immense stability thanks to its front support, low center of gravity and AVA’s revolutionary ‘follow me’ hose reel.

  • Fits up to 20m hose on the included hose reel
  • Cable reel for the mains wire
  • Toolholder & table on the handle
  • Stable foam cannon holder
  • Super-solid construction
  • Intelligent axel mount for smooth wheel rolling
  • Long life machines & silent
  • Includes a 20-year customer warranty

GO Series Pressure Washer From £134.00

If you’re looking for a genuinely compact and lightweight pressure washer which at the same time will last and last, whilst delivering plenty of power to clean your car, then the AVA of Norway GO series has the answers. It weighs in at just 6.3 KG and is extremely easy to carry around or store away. The GO Series also includes on-board storage for the many accessories that come as standard with the Large Bundle.

  • Compact car pressure washer
  • 3 cylinder metal pump
  • Up to 6m Steel reinforced hose
  • On-board storage for all accessories
  • Super-lightweight, compact design
  • Comes with AVA’s unique Zoom Lance

Master Series Pressure Washer From From £369.00

The Master series from AVA is designed to be extremely user-friendly and comes with a long-lasting 4-cylinder metal pump which offers durability and brilliant performance. The machine is extremely stable thanks to an extendable front support, not to mention a low center of gravity. One of AVA’s most useful features, the “follow-me” hose reel is also included.

  • Multi-function pressure washer for car or domestic use
  • Optimised power & water force
  • New tilt resistant design & “Follow-Me” hose reel
  • Super-solid construction
  • Flexible reinforced steel hose
  • Long life machine
  • Adjustable tool length suitable for any task
  • Includes zero-force trigger for strain reduction during operation
  • Extremely quiet when running
  • Includes a 20-year customer warranty

Smart Series Pressure Washer £279.00

The Smart P60 provides a similar output to some of the larger machines from AVA, but in a more compact fashion. It features a robust, 3 cylinder metal pump for reliable and long-lasting operation, a tip-resistant design, and an 8m reinforced steel hose – a very comprehensive package that would only normally be found on a more expensive pressure washer. Breeze around your car and make use of the many handy accessories that come with the Large Bundle, including Foam Cannon, Zero Force Pistol, Vario Nozzle and more.

  • Powerful car & domestic pressure washer
  • Easy to use – ready to go straight from box
  • Cable reel for the pressure cable
  • On-board storage for all accessories
  • Stable foam cannon holder
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Comfortable handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • 3 cylinder pump
  • Introduced with a 20-year consumer warranty

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