Audi A8 L 50 TDI Quattro Sport 2022 UK review


Yet show it the kind of road that’s more common in Britain, with lots of scars, abrasions and lumps missing, and the mask can occasionally slip, exposing the odd thump through the cabin.

This has always been the biggest objective weakness of the A8 – and remains so even now with the sheer amount of chassis technology, including adaptive air suspension and variable dampers as standard. Which is all very frustrating.

The A8 remains a car not to get your pulse racing from the driver’s seat, rather one to lower it. The handling is geared towards precision rather than involvement, a description that could also be extended to the steering. It’s a car to waft around in, in short.

While wafting around, you and your passengers will have plenty of time to enjoy the impressive cabin. 

The infotainment system’s graphics are as clear and crisp as any out there. And despite a huge number of options, shortcuts and, yes, even physical buttons to press, it’s an easy interior to operate – almost as easy as it is to settle into one of those comfy seats. Whether in the front or the back, they are a joy to sit in.

Two words of warning, though: the haptic feedback of the touchscreen still feels weird and even freshly sanitised hands will leave a smear on any part of the gloss black trim with which they come into contact.


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