Adams Polishes ~ CrewMember Business Feature Of The Week – Humble Mechanic

Adams Polishes ~ CrewMember Business Feature Of The Week – Humble Mechanic

Now that the CrewMembership program is fully up and running, it’s time to learn more about the companies that are supporting the program. Each week I will feature a company that is giving CrewMembers discounts. This is my way of letting you guys know just how awesome it is to be a CrewMember. It also allows me to give back to the the companies that help support the CrewMember program. I am working hard to keep adding more and more benefits to the program. If your company wants to support the CrewMember program, please contact me.

Lets face it, we all love to have a clean car. For many of us, clean is not enough. We want that fresh off the showroom floor clean. That is why I reached out to Adam’s Polishes.  The reason I reached out to Adam’s is their passion for what they do is crystal clear. Just check out their Instagram page, and you will see what I am talking about. They post some amazing pictures, and really do a great job showcasing their products. They also do neat things like limited edition Detail Spray scents. Adam’s also has a huge library of DIY videos to show you exactly how to best use each of their products. They really do have it figured out!

The Discounts

Not only did Matt and Kourtney jump on the chance to support you CrewMembers, they stepped up big. From day one, all CrewMembers enjoy a 15% off discount on all Adam’s Polishes products. This is a discount that even I have taken advantage of. Here are a few of the best deals I have found:

  • Adam’s Essential Detail Kit This kit retails for $199. It is a great kit for someone just getting into truly detailing their car. It also makes an amazing gift for that clean car nut you know. This is one of the items I purchased. It includes over 18 items to get you going. Plus it comes with a product called VRT, and that makes me think of a turbo Wookie. After your discount you pay $169.15. That is almost half the cost of joining the CrewMembers.
  • Swirl Killer MINI Kit I have owned one black car in my life. A 1997 Acura Integra GSR. I loved everything about that car except one thing, black cars are a nightmare to keep clean. Investing in a top quality polisher, the pads, and the right compounds can help save paint from swirl marks of death. This kit includes everything you need to make the paint happy. Adam’s also has videos showing exactly how to properly use this polisher. The kit retails for $228, you will save over $34!
  • Ultimate Wheel and Tire Kit Properly cleaned wheels and tires are the final part to that show car clean puzzle. Despite what many “detailers” I have know over the years think, you do not need to coat the tires in tire shine. You know that stuff that will sling all up the side of your car. Adam’s put together a kit that includes soap, brushes, wheel cleaning tools, and tire shine. Of course Adam himself shows you exactly how to do it right. You save $15 as a CrewMember

Adam's Polishes discount

These are just a few examples of ways you can basically pay for your CrewMembership. Remember that discounts are only part of the story. You also get exclusive videos from me. These videos can range from super secret Wookie reveals, to really raw unfiltered motivating content. In addition to that, you gain instant access to the VW/Audi training manuals that I build. These are part of a class that costs $355 to attend. Learn more about becoming a CrewMember

Free way to support the show
If becoming a CrewMember is not your thing, or simply not in the budget, I totally understand. But you can still help support the show by doing your Amazon shopping through me. By using the HumbleMechanic Amazon link. When you buy the things you were going to buy on Amazon using my link, I get a little credit for it. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, but it helps me out.

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